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Do You want to be heard?

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TRW Affiliate Marketing Campus


The Real World (TRW) affiliate marketing program is a way for affiliates to earn money by promoting TRW membership. You are paid a 48% commission on sales you generate through clicking your affiliate link on your website, blog, or social media accounts. This included any membership sold on, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and any other place on the Internet.

The affiliate marketing campus is very successful.

At the moment, the marketing campus has over 20000 “students”.

Andrew Tate became the most famous person on the internet because of his revolutionary marketing strategy.

Most googled man on the Internet

As of January 2022, no one can do more than 10 TikTok swipes without coming across a single Andrew Tate video.

In all honesty, it’s impossible.

But this wasn’t Andrew Tate creating content himself.

It’s his affiliates repurposing his existing content across TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Reels.

Andrew Tate was the 1st person who did this kind of unique content strategy on social media platforms.

Short-form content platforms are amongst THE ONLY platforms out there actually giving worthwhile organic engagement.

Long-form is insanely more competitive right now as attention spans have proven to shrink year by year.

Attention Span Human 2022


Gaining access to the Real World Affiliate Program is straightforward.

You need to be a member of the affiliate marketing Bootcamp inside TRW app.

Once that’s done, you have access to your afiiliate link in the settings of the The Real World application.

TRW settings to cancel The Real Word Subscription


After a lot of criticism and false accusations that the affiliate program of Hustler’s University is a pyramid scheme, Andrew Tate decided to shut down the affiliate campus.

Tate didn’t want that the whole Hustlers University to be associated with a get-rich-quick MLM scheme.

As HU got rebranded to The Real World, a 6-month boot camp started.

Any interested student inside TRW was able to join the affiliate boot camp. After 2 weeks enrolment period the boot camp was closed for new interested students

At the moment the Bootcamp is closed for The Real World Students.

If you’re interested in affiliating for The Real World, I highly recommend signing up to be inside The Real World when the professors will accept new students.