The Players Year By Tristan Tate

Chronicles of a Modern-Day Casanova

Success is a decision, not a gift

As I grow older each year becomes better than the year before, but 2020 was special.

It was special because I decided to do something unique.

For the years running up to it, I had often been complimented by other high-profile men on my collection of beautiful girlfriends and how good I am at attracting and seducing new women.

2020 was the year I decided to keep a diary of my exploits.

It was just a Twitter account that I named “The Players Year” and each day I wrote an entry about the women I had spent that day with.

I used my watch, at the time a Breitling Superocean to prove I was living the life I claimed.

Each day as I was around my beautiful female companion I made sure to snap a photo with my wristwatch in it, irrefutable proof that the event took place.

I didn’t realize at the time how big this would get and how the whirlwind of problems it would cause me in real life.

2021 and 2022 have been better than 2020 but no diary exists, nor do I think I will ever do something like this again.

Unlike any other account of its kind, The Players Year was truly unique, by the third day I, realized my stories weren’t enough and if there were no photos then there was no proof.

But I have decided to release the original version to the public. Keep in mind as you read that although the diary has come to an end, my lifestyle has not.

It only got better from here.