The Tales Of Wudan

Wisdom from Wudan's Peaks

Epic Chronicles of a Champion

In my previous life, I lived 5000 human years atop Wudan mountain, a realm where each second is a story in itself…

The Tales of Wudan, penned by World Champion Kickboxer Andrew Tate, are captivating fictional narratives that transport readers to his time on Wudan Mountain in China.

These short stories vividly illustrate his journey as he trains under the legendary Master Po, mastering the ancient and powerful art of Tateshinkai across centuries.

Chapter 1: Nightmares of a Warrior

The 407th year of my Wudan sojourn began a harrowing era of night terrors, filled with scenes of chaos and destruction.

For twenty long years, I was a prisoner of insomnia. Eventually, I sought the counsel of Master Po, revealing my fears and doubts.

“Master, through your teachings, I aim to become a Wudan warrior, yet the specters of death and destruction haunt my nights, leaving me wide awake.”

Master Po’s reply, whispered with profound wisdom, shed light on the warrior’s path: “You awaken to the essence of life in the heat of battle, yet question your destiny as a warrior?”

These are the teachings, the chronicles of Wudan.


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