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How do you cancel The Real World membership?

If you want to cancel your “The Real World” membership, it’s easy to do. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be unsubscribed in no time.

But once you cancel you won’t have access to Andrew Tate’s TRW’s amazing resources anymore.

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The Real World Jail

Also, anyone who quits TRW by Andrew Tate will go to the so-called prison. It means that you will not be deleted from the custom platform for one month, but you will only have access to the winning channels on each TRW campus. After a month in “jail,” you will be banned from the TRW server and you can never become a member of The Real World again.

Here Andrew Tate describes the TRW Prison (before Hustler University prison)

“Welcome to jail. You’re not in my jail. I’m in a penthouse in Prague with fucking blackberries. No, you’re in Hustler’s University jail, which is different. We’re going to blast you with endless wins. And the reason you’re living in Sparsity is that you’re a fucking quitter. And you don’t deserve penthouses in Prague with hot coffee and blackberries.

No, you don’t. I’m going to tell you why. Now that you’re in jail. In case you’re confused, it’s kind of like Saw. Do you know that movie? You wake up. Where am I? Where am I? You’re in fucking jail. The only things you can see are endless wins. You can still see all the wins. All the winners of HU.

They will continue to make money. They will propel themselves toward the stars. And we’re going to show you how fantastically they’re doing while you sit here and do fucking nothing because you quit. If Hustlers University as a system, has the capability to make some people make money, why are you not making money? The people who are making money are not smarter than you.

They just don’t fucking give up as you have. If you quit, you will never be good at anything. It doesn’t matter how much natural talent you have. It doesn’t matter how much information we give you. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the products of the university are. It doesn’t matter what happens with the Bitcoin price because no matter what happens with anything if you’re a quitter, you’re never going to make any money…”

How to cancel The Real World?

TRW is an information-based group and the membership is subscription-based with a recurring monthly charge of $49 (automatic charge).

Anyone can cancel their subscription at any time.

Here’s how you can get out of The Real World without paying for another month: tell an admin that you want to cancel and they will immediately stop billing your account. So make sure you do so BEFORE your membership reaches the expiration date! Otherwise, you enter a new billing cycle. After cancellation, your membership will be over by the end of your payment month.

Another way to cancel your TRW membership is by accessing your TRW app, going to settings, and then clicking “Mark Account For Deletion” This will directly cancel your subscription. You will get a confirmation email to confirm your cancellation.

If you need any additional help, message their team at [email protected].

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