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The US military is finished

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Wisdom

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The US military will never win another war at any scale against any opponent.

ANY nation on earth that wants open conflict with America could defeat it and defeat it relatively easily.

It is not a real military, 

It’s a jobs program from top to bottom.

An economic pressure valve for the working class, a resume item in management for the middle class,

A pipeline for executive positions for the upper class. It is a no-bid guaranteed bill of sale for entire industries

It keeps innumerable useless people afloat on the back of a dwindling tax base.

It cannot perform its most basic functions and defends against nothing. 

It selects for everything but actual quality; no man of any real value can tolerate its incompetence for long.

The only “global threats” are nebulous trade and geopolitical influences that have no bearing on the lives of real Americans.

No one in uniform is protecting anything other than the interests of a senile occupational regime that acts against all the concepts of patriotism

To the troops: 

  • Your service means nothing.
  • Your sacrifice means nothing.
  • Your suffering means nothing.

You have been propagandized to fight against everything you actually believe in.

The natural state of man is in an army. 

A gang.

Fighting for something. 

Belonging to something larger than yourself. 

There is an army that IMPROVES the life of every hard-working soldier as opposed to exploiting them.

Do you understand?

Trust In Tate,
Andrew Tate :AKA: Mr. Plenty

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