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The Tales Of Wudan

Comic Ilustration of Andrew Tate of his stories The Tales of Wudan

The Tales of Wudan

are original stories written by Andrew Tate himself at the height of his fighting career.

These lessons detail the wisdom he absorbed through his trials as he trained under Master Po.

In my previous life, I lived 5000 human years atop Wudan mountain.

I remember every lived second…


On my 407th year atop Wudan began a period of terrible nightmares. Scenes of death and destruction.

‍I did not sleep for 20 human years. Despite the embarrassment, I sought the council of Master Po.

‍“Master. You teach me the hidden styles of Wudan, in a bid to make me a great warrior. Yet I can not sleep due to the sight of death, of destruction. I feel uneasy. I simply lie awake.”

‍He replied in a whisper: “You feel awake… alive, at the sight of battle, and you doubt your skills as a warrior?”

‍Such is the way of Wudan.


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The Tales of Wudan E-book

Discover the secrets of a champion fighter in The Tales of Wudan, a collection of original stories by Andrew Tate. Written during the peak of his career, these stories reveal the lessons he learned from his master, Po, and how he applied them to his life and battles. From ancient wisdom of Wudan mountains to modern Europe, you will follow Tate's journey of courage, discipline, and wisdom in this thrilling and inspiring e-book.

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