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Tate’s The Real World Review Stock Campus

by | Mar 10, 2023 | TRW Reviews

Nicolas quit college to join TRW’s stock campus. In this, The Real World review, discover how

Rokas: Good morning, Nicholas. Really appreciate you taking time out of your morning to join me here for this interview. How are you?

Nikolas: I’m doing great, man.

Rokas: The reason I invited you on this is that I saw an interesting win from you in the Stocks campus. Could you explain what that was about?

Nikolas’s success story in the Stocks Campus

Nikolas: Yeah. So recently in a stocks campus, I’ve been doing really well. The professors in the community are all just fantastic over there. They’re really uplifting and they actually know what they’re talking about. So that’s one thing that people should really know about the stock campus. That’s where it’s at. But yeah, so recently last month, I’ve been doing really well on a funded account challenge for Apex, and I’m on the 300 K funded account.

So that means once I pass an evaluation, I’ll be getting funded up at the 300 K capital and it’s just doing great. The last month I was around $17,500 that close to the $20,000 profit target of passing, you know, and it was doing great. I made this one mistake because the rule is an auto-trailing drawdown, which means the drawdown trails to my unrealized profits, not necessarily my realized profits.

So I made an over-leverage mistake. And, you know, I could have let myself get down about it. But if it wasn’t for Professor Aayush and the people on the stocks campus, you know, I really got myself back out there with their help and it was just fantastic. So, you know, I’m back on the ground now, start up a new account last Monday.

And here we are now.

The Real World Review - Stock Campus success story

When Nikolas joined The Real World

Rokas: Interesting. Again, before we go more into this, I’d like to go a bit back. So when did you join The Real World?

Nikolas: Yes, I joined The Real World on launch. So November 14th of 2022. So I was soon as I saw Top G talk about it, I was like, I’m on, let me get in.

Rokas: Nice. And did you have any prior experience with stocks?

Nikolas: No, I really did not have any prior experience. I’d say October 29th of 2022 is when I wrote down in my journal like, this is what I’m going to go all into. And, you know, as soon as I understood that the variables had stocks, I’m like, All right, you know, everything’s lining up for me perfectly. 

Why Nikolas chose the Stock Campus

Rokas: And why did you choose stocks campus out of all the other options?

Nikolas: Yeah. So I’ve always been on the computer, you know, past experience. I played a lot of video games. Not anymore, though. That’s past. But, you know, I’ve always, like, sitting down and being a computer and chatting and the whole idea around charting and analyzing, I was really like I was part of it. Like, I really like that.

And, you know, for my school background, like, I wanted to go into I.T. and cybersecurity. So that was just more things going around computers. So stocks just made a lot of sense to me.

Rokas: And then you joined The Real World, and started going for the lessons. How different is the material, would you say, in The Real World from what you’ve seen out on the Internet?

Nikolas: Oh, it’s just way more streamlined, super easy. Like if anyone just needs a place that they can call home for stocks, The Real World is the place. When I tell you like you got a whole community of people who are out there wanting to be better, not just for stocks but for their health. And then you also got the professor Aayush who is the stocks professor.

He’s giving you all the course of material that you need step by step in a really orderly fashion. That’s just fantastic. So The Real World is just a great place for even not even just beginners, but also for people who want to, like, take on their next level. It’s just a place where you can just get a whole bunch of information right then and there.

Nikolas’s time investment into The Real World

Rokas: How much time were you putting into The Real World when you first joined and has that changed since?

Nikolas: Yeah, so it’s been pretty consistent. So there’s a bombshell. You know, I dropped out of college to pursue The Real World and just to pursue stocks in general. You know, I don’t want to work on the 9 to 5 rat race anymore, So I’m out here. I’m probably in the real world for a good 8 hours a day.

And I’m running stocks, studying, and charting for about 10 hours a day. So I’m not in college anymore. So I could really invest all my time because there’s what Top G always said, speed, work, efficiency, you know, I got all this time now because I was able to get that and, you know, I got to use that. I can’t be sticking around.

Rokas: So what does your average day look like now compared to before you joined The Real World?

Nikolas: Okay, so before I joined The Real World, I’d say it was, you know, pretty mundane. I was just going through the motions, you know, and just living life. You know, I wasn’t an exceptional person, but I wasn’t like a low person. I was just chill and I wasn’t doing anything too great. And I’d say as soon as I like found, you know, there’s been a pivot point in my life during college where I just realized, like, you know, like all this partying, all this on the college, you know, matrix activities wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do.

The one person who was always there speaking in my ear, yelling at me I’m a loser was top G himself. I’m like, He’s right. I am. You know, So through Andrew Tate’s word, I also ended up finding God during that time. I’m like, this is what I want to really want to do. So I just if it wasn’t for Tate, it wasn’t for me finding God, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

But I’m more proud of myself than I ever have. So now my day looks like I wake up at 7 a.m. I get instantly on the charts after I get ready, I make my bed, make my room, get up on the charts, study you know, and send messages to The Real World saying Good morning. Gs, everyone knows that. My slogan is, Good morning, G’s Let’s get it today. That’s my slogan.

I do intermittent fasting. So that’s like I don’t eat for 16 hours and I eat for 8 hours. So as soon as it hits around 11 AM then I can have my first meal around lunchtime because stock says 11 to 12 Central Time, which is lunch hour anyway.

So I don’t trade that and then I’ll hop back on the charts if there’s any opportunity in the afternoon and then I’ll hit the gym. And then after the gym, I pretty much have a free date that you should go around Aayush mentorship videos or other studying opportunities that I want to pursue.

Rokas: Now, what would you say to people who 1. would call it excessive and 2. what would you say it’s worth putting in more hours into this than if you were just to get a regular job?

Nikolas: So first I’m going to address people who are calling this excessive. If you’re calling this type of work ethic excessive, then you just don’t deserve much because anyone who is great understands that you need to put the work in and you need to be obsessed with what you’re doing. You need to make sure that that’s the thing you go to bed dreaming about, and that’s the thing you wake up excited to do.

And if you want to be great, you want to live the lifestyle, you know, where you are financially free, location free, and time free, you got to put in the work. And I realized right now that it’s better for me to do this now when I’m young and when I have lots of energy. I don’t need sleep.

I’m super young, you know, I’m not tired like I’m bottling and putting all these hours and time into studying so that I can enjoy, like maybe three years later down the road since I’m accelerated because I’m doing this so much right now. I can achieve results faster and earlier than everyone. So well, everyone is just getting out of college in a ton of debt, doing their normal jobs, and maybe not even getting a good job.

I know some guys who do computer science and that’s a good degree. And they’ll get out of college and still get like 75 grand, not even expected. They expect 100 grand, but they can’t get that because it’s starting to get a little bit inflated with the number of people doing computer science. So I just realized that I’m going to put all my time in now because it’s worth it.

It’s worth it to do it now when I’m young and healthy; I got all this life.

How TRW community helped with Nikolas’s mindset

Rokas: All right. Good answer. Would you say the community has had any impact on that mindset?

Nikolas: 100%! The Real World community is fantastic. I already made some friends, international friends. You know, I made a friend from the stocks campus that lives in Carolina. And then I made a friend who lives in Croatia. So and we follow each other on Instagram and we keep in touch and we like talking about things here and there, and it’s just fantastic.

I love to know that I have brothers from around the world who have the same mindset, and I already know like I’m in Croatia, you got to fight for me and or vice versa. So just having a community around people who can understand what you’re aspiring to be and everyone has the same goals. It’s just a brotherhood like no other.

Rokas: Especially since, as you’re saying, it’s hard to find people like that in the actual world because in university people are more interested in partying like that kind of aspect of it, where said you actually have a concentrated area of people that are like-minded. Now going on to the wins channel.  Did it have any kind of impact on you?

Nikolas: The wins channel. Yeah, I mean it’s classic. The win channel is unlimited motivation. So it’s like an infinite scroll ball. I swear I don’t even know how many gigabytes, terabytes that is. That is an infinite scroll bar of just people, just making pure bank. So I’m just like, All right, I go, I don’t even need to go in there for a long time.

I just click on it and the first thing I see is a couple of grand pieces of cake. I’m like, I don’t get back. I’m like, you know, I remember just starting to slack up, which I try not to dissipate is a key discipline. Motivation doesn’t exist. Discipline does but yeah, I just the win channel is freaking fantastic. I love it.

Nikolas’s biggest mistake in the Stock Campus

Rokas: What would you say was your biggest mistake when you first started out in the stocks campus?

Nikolas: Oh, biggest mistake when I started out. You know, I would just say just not getting into it early. I’m trying to think of like, what I actually mistakenly did. But the stocks professor makes things everything really simple so you can’t really make a mistake along the stocks campus and learning because the education is streamlined.

It’s easy. You can find where to start, you know where to end. You know, you understand that there are levels because also the charts, you get charts as you upgrade through the campus. So like you start out with fewer amounts of channels and the more you upgrade, the more opportunities you have to communicate. So I would just say like one of the mistakes I made was just not necessarily getting into it early, realizing that when The Real World used to be Hustler’s University, you know, and all that.

So the Real World is just fantastic. It’s great.

Rokas: Two things to follow up on. When did you actually hear about Hustler’s University or The Real World and did you join right after hearing about it or did it take some time?

Nikolas: The first time Andrew Tate hit my feed about was I think it was on TikTok. You know, I instantly fell in love with his message because his message was something I kept inside of me. And, I guess I was oppressed to wanting to, like, feel that with from society, which now I realized, like, that’s no one’s ever going to do that to me again.

But I just found that his message was fantastic 

My tunnel was like, okay, I’m going to go to a good college and get a cybersecurity degree. I’m going to have people who are going to appreciate me. I maybe I’ll open up a cybersecurity tech firm and all these things in the future, and that’s how I developed my money.

So I saw that I understood that these online education things, especially Hustler’s University, were probably top-of-the-line, high-end. But I was just very tunnel vision into thinking that like, that’s what I want to go into. And then the moment I got there like it just wasn’t it. So when I got to college, it just was not what I was expecting.

It was not what I fell in love with, to begin with, computers. And as soon as I just saw that rebrand, that rebrand was just like a snap at the moment. I’m like, All right, we’re going for The Real World. Everything is off the Matrix, you know, where it’s never before seen all these things. I’m like, Yeah, this is the time I’m going to get into it.

And the price tag was phenomenal. The price tag was never the problem. It was just more that society tunnel visions me into thinking that I’m here now.

Nikolas’s opinions about the pricing of TRW

Rokas: What would you say that they only charge $50 for the value they promote?

Nikolas: Yeah, I mean, for the value, $50 is just like you find a penny on the side of the street. The Real World is probably hands down the best community anyone can find for this price tag. It is just fantastic. It’s unlimited motivation from the wins channel and unlimited work from just the people around you. So everyone’s always working. Everyone’s on something. You’ll never find someone who is not doing something in The Real World, whether it be they’ll be showing off their gym games, they’ll be working on, their relationship and they’re talking about that into the off-topic channel.

Everyone’s always here to support each other and it’s just fantastic. So for $50, man, if someone can like gather $50 to drop on The Real World, then, I have no words for you because, if you’re seriously trying to make a change in your life, this is the spot.

Nikolas 3 biggest lessons he learned in The Real World

Rokas: What would you say have been the three biggest lessons you’ve learned from your time in The Real World?

Nikolas: The Three biggest lessons, ok. So I’d say number one, for me relating to stocks, my biggest lesson would be overleveraging. You know, just because my firm allows me to trade 35 contracts does not mean I should trade 35 contracts. So I learned over-leveraging, which bit me in the end. But I learned my lesson.

There’s one thing that traders always understand is, you don’t learn from winning, you learn from losing. So, overleveraging was probably the number one huge lesson related to stocks. 

I’d say the second lesson would be maintaining discipline and work ethic through times that aren’t the best. I found this really nice saying that goes along with this in relation to God would be when times get hard it’s not God beating you or being mad at you, it’s God testing you.

Are you willing and ready to accept the next blessing, what’s there to come? So I found that when times get hard and I’m starting to feel like I don’t want to work and don’t want to keep up this discipline, I realized I can’t let down my peers in The Real World because they want me to succeed.

I want them to succeed. So we’re all here looking out for each other. Second of all, I can’t let God down because God is waiting to see if I’m ready to accept his next blessing. So that’s another thing. So I just realized that I can’t falter, I can’t stop. I just have to keep on going. 

And for the third biggest lesson I learned would probably be to make sure to not feel overwhelmed by the pressure of other people’s success.

We’re all starting from the same spot. Most of the time I’d look at their success and I’d feel the pressure. I would never feel envy. I’m very happy for them. I’m super proud. I’m like, keep going, you got this.

I’ll be there soon. But sometimes, like, people will tend to feel like pressure and like the motivation in a sense when they see other people winning and when other people shine bright. And I don’t want anyone to understand or to see that as something to be motivated, you should only want to make you say, okay, they’re shining bright.

I want to go into their light. I want to join them, I want to be brighter together. So there’s one thing that I learned that I click that out of my mind real quick like just to make sure that I don’t get myself down just because other people are shouting about it.

I use that as motivation to use that as something to want to work harder, too. So that’s why that’s part of my third lesson.

Rokas: Now that you’re on this trajectory, where do you see your life heading in six months to one year?

Nikolas: I got some checkpoints set up along the line. I dropped out of college after the first semester of my freshman year in college. So I decided that I was going to get myself a second semester this summer. And then by the time technically I’d be a sophomore first semester in college, that’s when I could see okay, how far have I progressed?

How have I done? And I’d say, Right now, like if I’m checking back in on my progress, I’d say that I’m doing really well. I’m really proud of myself and how I’m doing. I’ve been staying disciplined this whole time, having missed a day at the gym, not having broken my fast, staying healthy, all organic, non-GMO, all these things, like the whole line of discipline is there in my personal life and the same of my stock’s life.

I also keep in touch with the guys in The Real World every single morning. So I’d say I see myself, just keeping this curve because the progress and learning become exponential. It’s not necessarily linear, it’s exponential. Getting there is very hard and you might have a little bit of a dip, but it’s an exponential curve in the end.

So I’m just so excited to see what the future brings and what God comes to bless me with. I’m just ready.

Andrew Tate’s impact on Nikolas’s life

Rokas: Let me know in a few months if you have a significant win to show us, and we’ll get you on for a follow-up. 

Now I’m wondering when on a separate note, is there more you can say about what kind of an impact Tate has had on you?

Nikolas: That’s fantastic. As I mentioned before, Tate has I’d say changed my life for the better. 1,000%. Tate is just straight up. He is the Top G. Fantastic. If it was not for Tate, I would not be who I am today. You know, he was the one who really brought out the feelings I’ve been feeling forever.

I can say I know that there are probably hundreds of thousands of guys out there who have that same feeling inside of them. That was just, I guess, necessarily locked up by society. They felt that they couldn’t express that about themselves, about their true masculinity and Tate was the person who took the key. He came to their hearts and opened it up.

And now that they are where they are today, So, man, Top G, he really is such a big influence on me, and, FreeTOPG he is my guy. He’s going to come out soon. I love him. All this stuff is crazy. I can’t believe what’s going on. But yeah, he had such a huge impact on me.

Anyone who says otherwise, all these people online, that’s just in the echo chamber talking, the small minority is not going to win. People understand what is truth, and Tate is truth.

Nikolas’s advice for people interested to join TRW

Rokas: Before we end, what advice would you give to people who are considering joining the Real World?

Nikolas: Just do it, man. I’d say if you’re on the edge at all, if you have 1% faith in this community and you’re really doubtful, just send it. It’s $50. You spend $50 going to the bowling alley. In one night, you spend $50 on the latest call of duty or I mean, what does it matter?

You just waste money here and there anyways, I know how it was because I wasted money here and there. So there’s really no other option for you and to just give it a try. Just go ahead. Sign up for The Real World, and find a campus that attracts you. They have descriptions, everything is super simple.

Hop into The Real World. They’ll say, welcome to The Real World. They’ll show you all the things that you need to know about what the campus does. Find something you like. Go right into it. It’s pretty easy.

Rokas: Good People who want to find out more about you or contact you. What can they do?

Nikolas: So you can contact me or find me on any social media with my full name because the big guy, you know, I like to post things on Instagram, whether it be like workouts, stocks, or just cool content in general. I like making contact, You can find me like anywhere you search online.

And I think Twitter is the only one that’s “Best at Nick”. But other than that, you know, you hop on my Instagram, here’s the link tree, you can find anything there.

Rokas: Yeah. Know, I will add it to the description of the video. Nicholas, thank you for your time. Really appreciate it again that you woke up early in the morning and I’m excited as I said to see where you progress in the next few months and to get you on for a follow-up.

Nikolas: You said you so much for having me on and God bless.

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