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The Real World Review Copywriting Campus

by | Mar 8, 2023 | TRW Reviews

Morgan joined the Real World in the last couple of months. He decided to learn the skill of a copywriter. In this The Real World review, discover how

  • He achieved £1600 a month on a copywriting retainer
  • Learn how TRW helped him to realize £5000 over the past couple of months

Rokas: Morgan, good afternoon to you. Really appreciate you taking time out of your day to join me here for this interview. How are you?

Morgan: I am really good. Thank you. How are you?

Rokas: Great. The reason I invited you on is that I saw a few wins from you in the copywriting campus. Could you explain what they were about?

Morgan: Yeah, sure. One of them was 1600 a month on a copywriting retainer. The deliverables were a bit, you know, some weeks different but mainly for Instagram captions and emails. I’ve had another retainer, which again, the price varies each month because it’s sort of like a paper piece retainer. But we agree on the work needed for each week on a Sunday.

And then the other one isn’t a retainer. But I do the launch sequence for their events and they run seminars sort of every 2 to 3 months. And yeah, they are my wins so far.

The Real World Review -Copywriting Campus

Rokas: Is this in pounds of dollars?

Morgan: Pounds GBP.

Rokas: What was the total amount you made from the time you joined The Real World?

Morgan: I’ve made 5000 over the past couple of months.

Rokas: Very nice. And how did you find out about The Real World?

Morgan: I saw Tate on one of the podcasts. I can’t remember what podcasts. I think it’s your mom’s house. Something like that with that comedian. And yeah, I just saw him talking about if you didn’t have $30 million in a secret society, then you’re going to be pretty screwed over the next couple of years. And that really hit home, to be honest.

Rokas: Very fair. Yeah, I was going to ask, what was it that made you join? But that pretty much explains it. And now you’ve joined The Real World. You see all the campuses in front of you. Why did you choose copywriting?

Morgan: So when you first join, they give you the whole quadrant of what shows you how to spend your time. And I was time-rich, cash poor. So it made sense for me to just invest my time and build in a skill. And I think all throughout school I just had a sort of natural talent for writing.

So it just made a lot of sense, to be honest.

Rokas: And how many hours were you putting in when you began and how does that change since?

Morgan: It’s definitely changed since I started taking a lot more seriously since I think earning the money it made it real in my head that I needed to take this seriously. It’s not just another, you know, Internet course or whatever, but initially, probably 2 hours a day. If I’d just go through the course content, I wasn’t even spending time in the groups or just going through the content and getting on with my day.

Rokas: And how long did it take you until you made your first income from it?

Morgan: I think about two months.

Rokas: So those put in an average of 2 hours a day and then you took two months. And how was that scaled from time to time span?

Morgan: Now, all my free time I spend on my business. Any free time. Probably in the actual real world is probably at least 3 hours a day going through sort of the recorded calls and stuff, the copy review calls, the sales reviews calls, just looking at the resources. Since then I’ve also joined the freelancing campus to improve my outreach game, so I’ve had some extra things to be going through.

So I spend a lot more time actually in The Real World now.

Rokas: I want a different angle in terms of the time span. So you said it took you a few months to make your first piece of income. How has it scaled since then in terms of how much you’ve made in a certain amount of time if that makes sense?

Morgan: Yeah, that makes sense. So after I got our first initial client, that was the seminar one. So then I had a testimonial which really picked up the momentum and within the next month after that, I got the retainer. So within a month, I went from making, like £300 off as the seminar guy to then the 1600 retainer.

And then a month after that I got the other retainer. And then I think it’s only been a month since then, and I’ve now been appointed as creative director, of a company just by leveraging my copywriting skills. So my own potential now having access to that clients, having that towards my name, to my credibility with my outreach, the earning potential I’m hoping is going to skyrocket.

So it’s not been long whatsoever really.

Rokas: I love that. Yeah, and that’s a common story you hear after you’ve made your first piece of income is your boss. Will you put in more work and then it just becomes exponential growth. So great to hear that happening with you as well. Now, how different would you say the material is in The Real World compared to what you can find out on the Internet?

Morgan: So much more in-depth. It’s not hollow like you see the clickbait stuff on YouTube. There’s promise in you everything that delivers you nothing. Whereas The Real World has a structure, it gives you everything you need to take you from nowhere to completely informed on everything. For example, in the copywriting course, you go from not even knowing what copywriting is to be able to land a client within 14 days.

So just thought that the value packs inside of each lesson is just mind-blowing. Really.

Rokas: Did the community have any kind of impact on you?

Morgan: I’d say to begin with, I didn’t spend enough time in the community and if I had it done, it would have made a much bigger difference. So even just like getting your copywriting reviewed… that has been massive for me. Reviewing other students’ copies and like now going back… Their copy actually gives me an opportunity to reconfirm my skills and reteach myself on teaching others. So definitely like I haven’t been anywhere else that’s given me the opportunity to be around that many other like-minded individuals on the same sort of mission.

Rokas: Awesome. And what about the wins channel have any effect on you?

Morgan: Definitely. I think because in the past I’ve done things like join in forex trading courses and I always had this thought out in my mind that it’s not going to work. Whereas when I joined the copywriting campus and I saw all those people posting daily these massive wins, I thought, if they can do it, why can’t I?

Rokas: Right. Yeah. And when you started out on the copywriting campus, what was the biggest challenge you faced? Do you remember?

Morgan: I’d say probably the challenges were within me and my own time management. Not all the courses are structured in such a way that if you have challenges, you can ask the professors and there’s a video for everything. There are the questions answered in the frequently asked questions section. But my challenge was just about my own time and taking it seriously.

And then since picking up on momentum, that challenge just went out the window. So all I want to do now.

Rokas: Ok, since you said this All you want to do now, think it’s relevant to ask. How is your average day look like now compared to before you joined The Real World?

Morgan: Before I was wasting time scrolling on Instagram. You know, I had no direction. Now all I do is, you know, there’s a plan every hour of my day. I got a Post-it note before the badge and I put, you know, 8 to 9, 9 to 10. And I plan out writing copy, reviewing client’s copy, outreach. The only thing that’s not now my business is physical activity.

Rokas: But that still technically works because a healthy body is a healthy mind, which leads to more productivity, efficiency, and everything. 

Now something for you to think about maybe before you answer. What have been the 3 biggest lessons you’ve gone from your time in The Real World?

Morgan: So one is definitely one of the copywriting values, which is when you’re awake, you’re working because until I was planning my time, I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting. So that’s definitely a big one. The biggest lessons, so there are so many it is difficult, but the mindset has been the biggest thing. So like just overcoming self-doubt.

Being able to believe in myself and to believe that I’m capable of doing all the things that I want to be able to do rather than I’d say probably the biggest one is that the money’s out there. Before, when you’re, you know, doing a 9 to 5, you think you’re only limited to a certain amount of money. But when I’ve been in The Real World and I’ve seen this amount of wins going around daily, the number of people that are achieving their dreams, there are trillions of pounds being moved every single day.

And if you can find a way to provide the right value, you can, you know, take your cut of that money.

Rokas: Now, what is your future heading now that you’re on this trajectory, and let’s say six months to one year?

Morgan: I want to be traveling the world. I think that was initially why I wanted to make money from a laptop because I didn’t want to be restricted to one location. I want to be at the point where I’ve got staff working for me as well as me looking after my own clients. I want to have a brand around my name, a business that people know is something incredible and something respectable and something that they can rely on and trust, not even just for myself, for other people’s incomes, but also to have that time, location, and financial freedom.

Rokas: All right. Very well. Now, on a different note, would you have anything to answer for what kind of an impact Andrew Tate has had on you?

Morgan: Yeah, I think, being in control of your own mind and being able to control your situation. I think before I was very wrapped up, you over like the pandemic and stuff. I was very wrapped up in this sort of conspiracy, as you might say, and feeling helpless to them, feeling hopeless, but actually, Tate came along and showed me that you can come from and solve a bad situation.

And if you long as you take control and you put the work in and you learn the lessons about yourself, then you can you know, change your reality and change your future. Because where Tate was from isn’t very far away from where I was born. So I think when I heard that, I was like, Oh, he’s out 40 minutes down the road.

And he did it. So what’s stopping me from doing it?

Rokas: All right, very good. Okay. Now, before we end, what advice would you have for people who are considering joining The Real World?

Morgan: To just dive in. It’s £50. It’s not even £50. It is $49 cheaper in pounds. I think all you’ve got to do is dive in and test it for a month. You’d be able to get through a campus in half of the month. And if you’re not, if you don’t feel like you’ve learned over $50 worth within that time, then surely leave. But I guarantee that no one would join and see the value that’s there and then think this isn’t for me.

Rokas: And now for people who want to find out more about you or contact you, what can they do?

Morgan: So on Instagram on MB Market Master, that’s probably the best place to get me.

Rokas: So Morgan, again, thank you for your time. I really enjoyed this interview and I look forward to doing a follow-up in the future to see how things go that you.

Morgan: Also, look forward to it. Thank you very much.

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