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Jail Updates

Andrew Tate will spend ANOTHER 30 days in Prison

As police continue their investigation into a sex trafficking case, a Romanian court has ordered Andrew Tate to remain in custody for another 30 days. Romanian authorities have the Tate brothers in custody on suspicion of sex trafficking. Throughout the investigation,...

Andrew Tate’s first statements to investigators. The millionaire wrote down everything that happened

"I'm the trafficked person in this case". That's what Andrew Tate allegedly said during the investigation. The famous influencer is the only person arrested in the case who has so far testified before DIICOT investigators. Here is the exclusive part of the...

Leaked Wiretap transcripts of victims of the Tate brothers

Huge news has just come out that two women planned to frame Andrew Tate. The news site, published an article saying wiretaps reveal that both, the US and the Moldovian woman planned to frame the Tate brothers.  The article said that two of the girls who...
Do this right now and FEEL it

Do this right now and FEEL it

Estimated reading time: 1 minute Stop for 10 seconds. Stop whatever you're doing, and put your phone down. Clear your mind. Deep breath in and out. Good. Do you notice how happy you feel? You've been happy all of this time, but you weren’t paying attention. Keep the...