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Andrew Tate’s first statements to investigators. The millionaire wrote down everything that happened

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Jail Updates

“I’m the trafficked person in this case”. That’s what Andrew Tate allegedly said during the investigation.

The famous influencer is the only person arrested in the case who has so far testified before DIICOT investigators.

Here is the exclusive part of the millionaire’s statement that Antena 3 CNN published.

I understand the accusation against me and I make it clear that I am totally innocent. The girls never sent me money, I sent them money, basically I am the person trafficked in this case.

I understand that there were discussions between the girls, but since I don’t know Romanian, I don’t know what the reasons were.

Andrew Tate, DIICOT statement

That’s what the famous influencer claimed to investigators.

I have seen and greeted Luana three times in my life, but each time at parties. My brother had known her for a long time, but I don’t know what their relationship was. Georgiana is our nurse and she cleans, I have no idea what’s on my nurse’s phone, my vet’s phone, etc. It’s none of my business.

Andrew Tate, DIICOT statement

Georgiana Naghel, the one Andrew Tate refers to, is their point man, the woman in the shadows who has taken over most of the business.

She is said to be Andrew Tate’s latest official girlfriend. And the other girl, arrested with them in the same case, is known to have been a policewoman in the 7th district in Bucharest. Both, dubbed Tate’s angels, are accused by DIICOT prosecutors of creating an organized criminal group, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation.

“I read the file and there are many missing links, the fact that I caught A. in bed with another man, that she was always asking me for money, that she had several business ideas, like a cafe, a club on the beach, and that she wanted to become famous on Youtube. As for her ideas, I told her to do what she wanted, keep the money, I was busy. Most of the time, she was in Romania, but I was out of the country. We have evidence that she used to blackmail men for money. (…) Basically, any discussion that could be characterized as negative with A. was because she was always asking me for money. I knew her from London, she worked in a nightclub and had a drug problem.”

Andrew Tate, DIICOT statement

The girl Andrew Tate refers to is the one who accused him of rape.

“She told me she wanted to come to Romania. And when she came to Romania, I wasn’t even in the country. I don’t remember if I paid for her plane ticket. She lived in Romania for about 2-3 weeks. Later she invited herself to live with me in my house, which I did not agree to, because I did not want to damage my reputation in Romania. I then introduced Georgiana to her as my assistant and to turn to her for any problem she had. (…) Even though I knew what A. did and that she used drugs, I accepted to see her out of stupidity, it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Andrew Tate, DIICOT statement

Andrew Tate also said that he had given the girl 10,000 euros while he lived in Romania.

There are six victims in the case. One young woman from America, one from Moldova, and four Romanians. All, say DIICOT investigators, were manipulated and tricked by the Tate brothers using the “Loverboy” method.

According to an official document, the crimes were allegedly committed between January 2021 and December 2022.

The charges are among the most serious: the creation of an organized criminal group, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, rape, and money laundering.

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