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Andrew Tate explains the real meaning of Aikidō

by | May 8, 2022 | Wisdom

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

I can use I can go into the dream realm to affect reality in real time. And because I’ve mastered that ability, because I’ve done it so flawlessly, I can now use Aikido in real life. They arrested me and I was sitting there and I just did Aikido. Here I am. How do you do this?

Aikido. The exercise for my mind hack

What I want you to do from now on is try and remember your last thought before you go to sleep. Now, when you do this, it’s going to turn your brain on and wake your brain up, and then you’re going to struggle to sleep.

So don’t do that. It’s going to take a little bit of practice and take about a week or so where you learn to be Zen and fall asleep and allow your mind to fall asleep while remembering what you’re thinking about and categorizing that.

And the point is that when you wake up the next day, you should be able to tell people what your last thought was before you went to sleep because you never probably thought about this. You’re not aware of this, but your mind is drifting in all different kinds of directions before you fall asleep. Thinking about that thinking about this, thinking about that bitch to give that memory X-Y-Z. You don’t remember the last thought that you had before you finally lost consciousness, but once you’ve trained your mind to remember it, something very interesting happens.

The magic after you mastered this exercise

What happens is when you remember your last thought, before you went to sleep, you start to remember all of your dreams and all of the thoughts you have when you are asleep. Because you only live in the present, you only live right now. Everything you’ve ever experienced in your life is remembered. And you remember all of your experiences from reality the same way you remember your dreams from your unconscious.

You remember them the same. It is the same imagination. So when you begin to remember your last thought before you went to sleep and you begin to remember every single unconscious thought you ever had.

Affect your dreams with your mind

What becomes very interesting from there is you get a lot more control over your subconscious mind and your dreams. You become a lucid dreamer like I am. I can’t have a nightmare because if I start to dream of something less than perfect in my dream, I just clip my fingers or do some Aikido and change it. If my plane starts to crash in my mind, I click my fingers and I have a parachute.

I control my dreams. I control my mind. Absolute.

Become a superhero

Now, what’s interesting is this. If you remember your entire life, you’re awake, your conscious experiences, and the life you’ve lived that you remember is all inside of your mind as memories. But if you start to remember all of your dreams without fail, and these are dreams that you can affect in real-time, you now get to remember and have a catalog in your mind of an entire life as a superhero.

I have lived an entire life in my subconscious while I was asleep as a superhuman. I have all of the memories. I have years of memories, of living a life in which I could fly. Call me crazy. I know you’re sitting here. Some of you will not understand what I’m talking about. Some of you will understand what I’m talking about.

But the point is that my mind has two lives in it. I have my conscious life and my unconscious life. I’ve lived both. I remember them the same. I have trained my mind to do this. So in my living years, in my human experience, I’ve lived twice as long as you have. This is why I know twice as much as you know.

I’ve lived more life and I’ve lived more life inside of my mind because my mind has been trained. 

Do you understand?

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